How We Work

Restore your life at Rinnovare
The therapists at Rinnovare Counseling Center believe you have the potential for healing and change. We respect your autonomy and believe you are the expert in your life. We offer tools and support — with the understanding that all decisions are yours. We feel honored to walk with you as you rest, restore, renew, and refresh.

Heal with people who can help you

At Rinnovare Counseling Center, we offer focused and customized counseling to support you in the following areas:

Rest – in the care of empathetic and skilled professionals who walk with you as you define and create the life you desire
Restore – relationships and your sense of wellbeing
Renew – your mind as you gain insight and learn new coping strategies
Refresh – your soul as you find peace in the midst of life’s many challenges

Rinnovare Counseling Center provides a confidential, discrete, and nonjudgmental therapeutic environment where you can safely disclose and process painful life events. Often these experiences result in maladaptive coping strategies that were necessary at the time — and are now interfering with your relationships, work, and mental health. Our goal is to help you navigate through difficulties in your life and relationships while providing a safe place to explore, gain insight, learn, and practice healthy coping skills. Come rest, restore, renew, and refresh!

Working toward understanding and change
Understanding what is happening within and around you can help you improve or develop new strategies that relieve distress and enhance future coping. No longer do you have to pretend that everything is normal until you are triggered or overwhelmed. With our help, you can learn skills designed to prepare you to better manage your own thought and behavior patterns.